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My Approach

Genesis means

“the origin or coming into being of something” 

These words can also be interpreted to mean:

a start, a creation, or a beginning.

I would be honoured to provide a non-judgemental space to support you in figuring out what you really need and want out of your home.

Let's take a fresh look at the areas currently making you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Together we can apply different practices to discover what you truly love, customize systems to create a harmonious space that works for you, and determine how to create a style that you feel confident about. 

About me

Not everyone is “born to organize” – and that’s okay;

I wasn’t either. 

My background was influenced with behaviours such as chronic disorganization, consumerism, collecting, and to be honest, a downright hatred for housework. 

Learning how to create and maintain a tidy, relaxing and beautiful home that suits my family has been an amazing journey of discovery.


Everyone has questions.

Let's see if we can answer some of the most frequently asked ones up front.

Project Gallery

Let's start to imagine what kind of a difference we can make in your home by taking a look at some of the projects I've worked on so far.

My Services 

Let's look at a few of the ways you and I can work together and get a sense of pricing.

What Our Clients Say

I didn’t think it would be possible to have such an organized and welcoming closet! Working with Cindi was amazing. Her understanding and compassion for my struggles with holding onto things was amazing. I have even been sleeping better since we got it done!

                            ~ Chantel B

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