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About Me

Not everyone is “born to organize” – and that’s okay; I wasn’t either.  My background was influenced with behaviours such as chronic disorganization, consumerism, collecting, and to be honest, a downright hatred for housework.  Learning how to create and maintain a relaxing and beautiful home that suits my family has been an amazing journey of discovery.


Once I discovered that I had been living visually impaired to dirt and mess, it became a skill to notice when things were dirty or out of place rather than coping with the daily stress by avoiding as much as possible. (It’s surprisingly easy to do that when you have a job, little kids, and oh so many excuses to go for coffee with friends!) 


Understanding that my house could be as personal or as beautiful as I wanted it to be, brought alive new hope that change was not only possible, but worth it!  Using a life-long passion for colour and design I started to clarify what that vision was, and over time, created a home that was functional, beautiful, and best of all, somewhere I was happy to live.

Professional Organizer, Peter Walsh, once said “Your home should be the antidote to stress.  Not the cause.”


I absolutely agree! I am excited to share, teach, and offer hands-on support so that others can begin their journey to declutter, organize, clean, personalize -- and generally fall in love with their homes again too.


~ Cindi

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