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“Where do I start?” 


Home organization is a process that might look and feel a bit different for everyone. Whether we tackle a small space or take on your whole house, every package includes: free in-home assessment, simple labels, and two follow up calls by phone or Zoom.  Listed below are a few different ways we can get started together!

Wooden Desk

Genesis Spaces

Even a small area like a desk, pantry or closet can feel irritating when you spend a lot of time trying to find a Certain Thing; sometimes you just give up and buy a new one. Maybe you’re just sick of looking at the mess and find yourself avoiding it.  Many areas can be significantly improved in as little as 1 or 2 sessions, so let’s start by tackling one or some of your smaller spaces together.


Spaces often take 3-8 hours

Genesis Style – Wardrobe Edit

Everybody has days when they can’t find anything to wear! Designed to create the experience of a makeover, discover how easy it can be to get ready in the mornings – primarily using what you already own!

  • Clarify your style – either the one that you’re comfortable with, OR learn how to make adjustments to create the look you want!

  • Create new outfit possibilities that look good for your body type.

  • Explore ways to organize and streamline your closet space.

  • Put together a shopping list that will give you the most bang for your buck in the future by identifying wardrobe gaps.

Edits take 3-4 hours

Clothes Hanging

Genesis Rooms

Other times the area that bothers you is a whole room or a storage space. It’s stressful trying to deal with it, impractical to continue avoiding it, and you might feel like you don’t even know where to begin.  It is possible - let’s create a fresh start together to help you fall in love with your home again one room at a time.

Rooms often take 10+ hours

Genesis Home

Perhaps you are looking at preparing to list your home for sale or downsizing a family member into a smaller apartment. Perhaps you wish to take on a more minimalist approach altogether. Let's work together to get the whole house looking tidy and attractive in a way that specifically reflects your style!

Rustic Kitchen
Kid Standing on Bench

Genesis Kids

For things like swimming, skating and even driving, it was much easier and a lot less emotional for someone else to teach my kids. It can sometimes be a challenge to make them clean their rooms.  Consider making an investment in their future by letting me work directly with your 8-18 year-old.  We will get clear on how a disorganized space affects them, and set them up with some basic skills, routines and guidelines to manage their own space so they (and you!) can enjoy the benefits of a clean and tidy room. Note: this service works best when you and I have worked together in other areas of your house first.

3-4 hr sessions

"Creating Space"

This is a five-week workshop and group conversation on Zoom for those who feel overwhelmed in their spaces and know that they want support in creating a game plan, but also want to create healthy habits by doing the hands-on work themselves. Topics covered will be:

  1. Creating Awareness

  2. Creating Room to Breathe

  3. Creating Vision

  4. Creating Cooperation

  5. Creating Momentum

Online Workshop
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