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Kitchen Tip #2 - Tiny Minutes are your best friend

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

"Tiny Minutes" help you to catch up quickly and easily

Although this is related to Tip #1, it can be considered to be more about multitasking.

It is doing all those little tasks in the 1 to 5 minutes that you are waiting for something instead of waiting until the end and dealing with one large cleaning job.

Here are some examples of Tiny Minutes in the kitchen where you could do one thing while you are waiting for:

· Brewing coffee

· Boiling water

· Filling the sink

· Preheating the oven

· Popping corn

· Thawing or reheating in the microwave

· Cooking in the air fryer/Instapot©

Look around and notice what could quickly be wiped down or put away. Here are a few ideas:

· clear off the table

· wipe the table

· wipe the counter

· wipe the microwave

· wipe the stovetop

· sweep under the table

· load the dishwasher

· empty the dishwasher

· clean the sink

· tidy up the front of the fridge

· set up coffee for the morning

· put away anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen

Being observant can help make your kitchen cleaner and your life easier without even trying – I promise.

Can you think of any more ideas? Comment below!

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