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A Journey of Discovery

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Not everyone is “born to organize” – and that’s okay; I wasn’t either. My background was influenced with behaviours such as chronic disorganization, consumerism, collecting, and to be honest, a downright hatred for housework.

In my late twenties I ran into an article titled "Messies Anonymous" and it instantly struck a chord with me. It definitely felt like keeping my house clean was a situation that was out of my control - that somehow I was addicted to mess. Even though I knew that I hated it, I didn't know how to fix it or develop the habits to maintain tidyness.

Once I discovered that I had been living visually impaired to dirt and mess, I had to develop the skill of noticing when things were dirty or out of place rather than coping with the daily stress by avoiding as much as possible. (It’s surprisingly easy to do that when you have a job, little kids, and oh so many excuses to go for coffee with friends!) Understanding that my house could be as personal or as beautiful as I wanted it to be, brought alive new hope that change was not only possible, but worth it!

Sandra Felton's book "The Messies' Manual" threw me a life-ring that saved me from the mess that I had been drowning in and gave me some tools so that I never had to let things get quite that bad again.

By the time I was in my forties, I was drowning again -- this time it was more specifically related to my calendar. It took a weekend retreat to discover the peace and simplicity that I was craving. I started to investigate the Minimalist movement, what it was about and how it could make a difference in my life. Interestingly enough, it also helped us become aware of the effects of how clutter in our physical space played a significant part in our time-management as well as our stress levels. The internet was now fully developed and it became so easy to find inspiration and stay motivated through documentaries, blogs, and of course, my old friends, books.

When I started to clear the clutter I was able to look around at this fresh slate called my home. I started to clarify what the vision for my house was, and by using a life-long passion for colour and design, over time created a home that was functional, beautiful, and best of all, somewhere I was happy to live.

In fact, the results were so amazing to me that I couldn't wait to help others discover their own transformation - to create a home that satisfies them and allows them the time and energy to devote towards other things that were meaningful as well.


I invite you to start your own journey!

Finding inspiration has never been easier!

Take actions to create small changes.

Allow those successes to inspire you to make more changes.

Determine how those changes help you create a life that has more time and space for the important things!

If you have a supportive friend who can help, super!

If you don't, hiring a professional organizer can be worth the investment.


"Start acting more organized and you will become more organized"

~ Donna Smallin, author

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